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Good Riddance

Good Riddance is often used as an exclamation of satisfaction at getting rid of someone or something. The above statement begs us a question, why would you want to get rid of a person or something in your life? But my thoughts are on the contrary, why would you not get rid of someone or something? Surprised? Read on to find out… In your life you’d experience various things, things that maybe good or bad and more often than not, the bad experiences leave a bigger impression on our tender minds as compared to the good ones, well that’s human tendency and you cannot do anything about it, or can you? Yes you can. The bad experiences of people vary from person to person and so do the coping mechanisms adopted by each person after all every person is different and so are their mechanisms- some take to excessive consumption of alcohol, some take to drugs, some dive deep into the ocean of self-doubt without ever thinking about how incredible they are the way they are. The
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The dictionary defines feminism as the advocacy of equal rights based on the equality of sexes.  I believe only in the first part of the sentence that yes we deserve equal rights. I believe that women are beautiful, intelligent, layered, complex creatures, men are.....with them. My definition of feminism is not letting a woman be what a man can be, it's letting a woman be whatever a woman wants to be. To limit a woman to the achievements of a man is to ask a scientist become a monkey. So during an interaction with a woman, I asked her, how to be a feminist? She said, don't think about how feminist you are, think how do you consider yourself as a man, that's what made me realise that why does every guy wants to be the 'man'? Why can't we just be males and they females? Being the 'man' is so tiring at times. There is no harm in a male and female to share charge at all times, like maybe cook sometimes? How bad would it get? More than half of human masculini

The Virtue of Patience!

Be Patient! Patience is one of the rarest virtues to be found in human species these days. I just ask people as to what is wrong in being patient? Well the only answer I get is it takes too long, the wait is till eternity, who will wait that long etc. etc. So where did our patience go? We still have to wait, but why can’t we do it patiently anymore? What brings me here to write about this virtue today is a fact that I got to know very recently- which is that 94% of the entire Universe is made up of dark matter and scientists say that this dark matter, such as black holes and other such things, they don’t know what it is and why is it there but what is a fact is that the Universe, the world- us would not be able to survive and thrive if not for this 94% dark matter. What we need to realise that there are many things in our life which seem like this dark matter and those things can be unsettling, scary and emotionally traumatic, at least I speak for myself when that i


“The pessimist complains about the wind, The optimist expects it to change But the Realist, adjusts the sails" -William Arthur W ard In life, all of us people are faced with situations where we are pinned to the wall with little or no freedom of movement, at such times we lose hope and start giving up. But what we always forget is that we still and always have a choice- a choice/freedom to react to a situation. We need to look at the situation and not understand what personality type are we, rather think about what are we gonna do about it? We always have a choice, we get to choose our frame of reference- whether we are pessimistic, whether we are optimistic or are we a realist. But in the end the only thing that really matters is that we get to choose what we got to do about it. And so if one decides to fight against the current, be angry about the situation, to argue, to complain, that person will never go anywhere except where the current takes

Meher- A Blessing

It’s been a long time since my last post here. I agree that I have been very busy, but I usually only share when it’s something that is close to my soul. This time it’s something that I have been working on for a long time, a thought I had and I was just postponing it since quite sometime- reason being my reluctance to take on a thing so huge that it scared me and I didn’t even find a name worthy enough to suit this cause. But the name and approval have come after a long wait and fight for it. And now as the name suggests, Meher means Benevolence in English. Bit of a background here, I began the process about a month and a half back and the name itself holds humongous importance for me. The cause was worthy enough of the name. The cause that has been taken up is supporting an orphanage which houses females with a troubled/abused past. The stories I have heard of little kids being abused has always appalled me at many levels. I mean how can one even think of abusing even